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Burj Khalifa At The Top Self-Service Ticketing Kiosk

Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world, standing at 829.8 metres tall, and every year welcomes thousands of visitors from all over the world. This giant 160-floor structure can be seen from nearly 100 kilometres away. The construction was completed on 4 January 2010 at a total cost of $4.1 billion. The building’s observation deck, called ‘Burj Khalifa At The Top’ and located on the 124th floor, offers visitors the unique experience of seeing the spectacular view from hundreds of metres above ground level.

Burj Khalifa At The Top tickets

The number of visitors to Burj Khalifa At the Top is increasing every day. Since the experience cannot be offered for free, visitors had to purchase At The Top tickets for one-hour timeslots by standing in long queues, sometimes for several hours. Even if they purchased Burj Khalifa tickets on the attraction’s website, customers still had to join long queues in order to print their tickets.

Self-service ticketing kiosk

Burj Khalifa At The Top chose Kiosk Innova to provide visitors with a quick and simple self-service method to get their ‘At The Top’ tickets. With its many years of experience in providing self-service ticket terminals, Kiosk Innova presented an ideal solution, worthy of one of Dubai’s most famous landmarks and tourist attractions. Thanks to the terminals, which were specially developed, engineered and manufactured for Burj Khalifa At The Top, visitors can now collect their tickets in a matter of seconds.

Buy and print tickets

A special credit card processing unit has been integrated into the DBL210, one of Kiosk Innova’s preferred ticketing kiosks, enabling visitors to buy their tickets online and print them instantly (ticket printing).

This project, developed for the world’s tallest building, was completed in only one and a half months. Now visitors can use the Kiosk Innova terminals to collect their tickets for Burj Khalifa At The Top easily and quickly.

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