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Vialand Theme Park Ticketing & Payment Kiosk


Vialand, Turkey’s first international theme park, was the result of collaboration between Gursoy Group & Via Properties. It is located in Istanbul’s Eyup district and occupies an enormous site covering an area about as large as 100 football pitches. Vialand is a giant city devoted solely to entertainment, and even has its own castle. It is a place full of adventures, where visitors can meet legendary historical characters while they explore the site with their family. On top of the many attractions designed to amaze and delight young visitors, there is also a 100,000 square metre venue for shows and special events.


Vialand was designed to host millions of visitors every year and technology has always played a key role in this massive project. Since the most important demand from visitors is the ability to purchase tickets easily and enter the park without waiting in the queues, the importance of well-designed IT solutions cannot be overstated.

The Kiosk Innova solution

Leading kiosk manufacturer Kiosk Innova was chosen as the end-to-end technology consultant for the Vialand project due to its expertise in self-service ticketing and payment kiosks.

The project was completed in two-and-a-half months, during which time Kiosk Innova installed all the payment and ticketing kiosks and systems. Kiosk Innova also installed ticket printers, information screens, touchscreen displays and turnstiles needed throughout the site. In addition, Kiosk Innova provided all necessary digital signages as well as the information kiosks and wayfinding kiosks located in the shopping centre. All of this was backed up with the necessary infrastructure and a host of other technological devices designed to guarantee visitor satisfaction.


Thanks to the successful completion of this project, Vialand has been able to offer all the attractions and facilities its visitors require for an unforgettable day. Visitors can quickly and easily buy and print their tickets at one of the many available ticketing and payment kiosks before entering the park. Once inside, they can find all the information or guidance they need by simply referring to the digital signage information screens. Having chosen Kiosk Innova solutions, Vialand is now fully equipped with state-of-the art technologies that not only increase visitors comfort, but also add to the prestige of the theme park project. More and more visitors are going to Vialand every day to explore this glamorous world.

With this project, Kiosk Innova, the leading kiosk manufacturer, has not only provided the entire hardware infrastructure for Turkey’s first theme park but, since it has continued to act as Vialand’s technology consultant, it has also embarked on what is likely to be a long and fruitful partnership for both companies.

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