Success Stories:

The Ministry of Interior of the State of Qatar


Qatar is today one of the most successful trade centres in the Middle Eastern region and is increasing its importance every day thanks to its growing population and economy. As the number of visitors to the country has increased, so has the number of its migrant workers. For these reasons the Qatari Interior Ministry launched a project to speed up its visa and customs procedures while also making them more secure by using biometric controls.


The increasing number of migrant workers in Qatar had increased problems in visa and customs procedures. Since these problems had the potential to bring negative effects to the country’s commercial activity, the Ministry of the Interior began a search for a solution offering quicker and more secure visa and customs processing.

Kiosk Innova Solution

Kiosk Innova developed biometric kiosks in order to increase security and speed up visa and customs procedures. More than 100 biometric kiosks, introducing a three-stage person recognition security system, were placed at Qatar Airport and in several state buildings. The biometric scanning equipment on the kiosks takes fingerprints of applicants, moves on to an iris scan before completing identity recognition with a face scan. The kiosks, which were manufactured in plants in Turkey, can also handle new visa applications. Visa applicants enter their credentials into the system and, after going through the biometric scanning procedures, complete their applications by signing on a digital signature panel. One of the two touch-screen LCD screens on the kiosk is used to check the applicant’s own application process and the other is used by state officials to conclude the application.


Kiosk Innova’s biometric kiosks are currently in use and are helping to increase the speed and security of Qatar’s visa and customs procedures. The entire design, hardware and production of more than 100 kiosks, which were mostly placed in Qatar Airport and other state buildings, were all completed within Kiosk Innova’s facilities, located in Turkey.