Success Stories:

Sharaf Product Showcase Kiosk


The United Arab Emirates’ largest retail chain, Sharaf DG, developed a new concept for its sports-loving customers and decided to open ‘Adventure HQ’, a superstore offering a wide range of equipment for all kinds of outdoor, water and extreme sports.


Kiosk Innova designed a new concept for the specific needs of this project. Its R&D team and software engineers worked together and created a solution that responded fully to the customer’s every need. Several kiosks were produced especially for the store allowing it to highlight special products to customers, such as fishing equipment, navigation devices and underwater watches by using digital interactive displays.

Kiosk Innova’s Solution

The information kiosks can display product information which can be searched interactively by customers. The selected products’ specifications and price can be printed through a thermal printer. The showcase kiosks also contain security apparatus to protect sample products from theft. Another feature of the solution is its central management software which collects all possible data from the kiosks and offers detailed reports to marketing departments on how often a product has been searched.


The project started in March 2011 and was successfully completed when kiosks were installed at the Times Square store in Dubai in June of the same year. Thanks to the Kiosk Innova product showcase kiosks, Adventure HQ customers can now easily search for products. The reports produced by the central management software also contribute significantly to the store’s marketing insight.