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Technical Support

These are the services provided for our customers by our highly experienced staff and widespread service network covering the locations where our customers’ systems are based. You can make a technical support request by:

  • Telephone,
  • Email,
  • Web Application

You can also track your service calls. Technical support services are provided to

  • All customers who have a maintenance and support agreement with us. The details of these support services are described by the SLA (Service Level Agreement).
  • For those customers without a maintenance and support agreement, call centre based technical support is also available.

Regular Maintenance

These are the regular checks provided in order to avoid potential problems occurring in our customers’ systems and are scheduled to take place every 3 or 6 months. The agreement contains services to be given under “periodical maintenance”, parts to be replaced and other clauses in detail. If customers need technical services at other times on-call technical support is provided.


This service ensures that the systems bought from Innova and other suppliers are successfully up and running for the customer. This service covers:

  • The physical connections required by the systems such as electrics, data and telephone connectors
  • Running the system together with the customer and fully testing all functionality
  • Handing over of the product along with the service report


Innova’s leading brand in self-service kiosk solutions, Kiosk Innova, offers specialised flexible, fast and functional solutions with its Kiosk Renting Service for institutions. By using our renting service you can offer the type of service levels you need with our fast and reliable solutions. You can improve efficiency by choosing the best option from our wide-ranging models and functions. This service gives you the opportunity to lease the kiosk with the best functions and appropriate appearance for your organisation. The Kiosk Renting Service we offer can include door-to-door delivery, installation and technical support services.

Project Analysis

The Project Analysis offered by Kiosk Innova helps identify the customer’s exact needs and reach a solution in a fast and cost-efficient way.

First we establish the aim of the project and agree on definitions. After further meetings with the client, examining the condition at the location and providing consultancy services the requirements of the project are identified. With all this information in mind a timeframe is then established for the project. Project Analysis results can be used in the cost calculations as it provides detailed data on the value added by the project and information on the project’s target audience.

Content Services

Kiosk Innova’s professional content management team provides you with the most suitable content for your target audience and your corporate identity. The team can handle all aspects of content management including arranging your visual materials. This is your chance to move one step ahead in the world of Digital Signage.

Content management

The content is created and edited by highly experienced specialists and is made ready for the distribution system and to be displayed in the best possible way. The content you choose to use is displayed when you want it, where you want it and your news and announcements will reach your target audience successfully. Our content management team continuously monitors the system and reports any important information relating to your DS project to you.

Content design and editing

Kiosk Innova’s professional content design team ensures that you have the content that best reflects your institution. It creates screen and interface designs that are specially tailored to your corporate image, edits your videos, turns your posters and announcements into attractive animations and produces smart display postings for your corporate news.

Consultancy services

Our expert teams provide consultancy services to identify the exact need, the most suitable solution and the system design. If requested, alongside our on-site research work, system analysis and system design we also provide training in our products and services for customers who wish to gain a high level of knowledge.