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Scala Digital Signage Application is a server-based complete solution package which is able to send multimedia content to hundreds even thousands of screens from everywhere with an Internet access, and manage the broadcast of the transmitted contents.

On Digital Signage networks used in various areas such as advertisement, daily campaigns and service announcements, remote education, internal company communication; almost all kinds of visual communication materials can be easily distributed over a Windows-based network with the Scala Digital Signage application package. Customized broadcasts for a certain spot or region can be realized and live broadcasts can be activated from a single center with a low cost operation with screens in a single building at hundreds of geographically distributed branches. Instant data and news taken from the Internet can be displayed on screens.

Scala Digital Signage Application is a package composed of: Scala Designer which allows template designing and content arrangements; Scala-Content Manager which undertakes management functions such as creation and management of the broadcast program over central server hardware for the endpoints and monitoring the endpoints; and Scala-Player which ensures displaying of the contents according to the given broadcast plan. Scala Digital Signage Application is a platform open for integration with third party applications thanks to additional developments made by software languages such as Java, VBS, Phyton, etc. Retrospective reporting of contents broadcasting on screens can also be carried out. Using Scala Digital Signage application, interactive applications can be activated and full control can be achieved at end points. Controls such as remote turning on / off as well as color and volume adjustments on industrial screens can be made by Scala platform from a single center in accordance with a time schedule which is determined automatically.

Consistently updated to functionally support the usage of up-to-date technologies, Scala Digital Signage Application is the most preferred platform in the world and is actively used for content broadcast management of thousands of screens globally in areas such as shopping centers, outdoor advertising, underground, sports facilities and corporate firms.

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