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Qatar Charity Donation Payment Kiosk

Qatar Charity has chosen Kiosk Innova donation payment kiosks for safe and secure donations.

Qatar Charity is an NGO that organises aid campaigns for people in need in different parts of the world. Established in 2012, the nonprofit organisation aims to support sustainable development, poverty reduction and emergency relief from natural disasters and war.

Kiosk Innova designed special donation kiosks which have been placed in many different locations throughout Qatar. Individuals can now choose which charity project to donate to and the amount they want to donate for, before making donations directly at the kiosks using cash or credit and debit cards.

Donation payments in three steps

Using the kiosks, people who wish to donate to the charity first choose the projects they want to support and the amount they want to donate for each of them. If the donation is to be made in cash (cash payment), information about the chosen projects and amount of the donation is printed on a receipt. Users then complete the donation by taking an envelope stored at the kiosks and putting the receipt and donated amount in the envelope.

The donation process is even quicker using a debit or credit card. Once users chose the projects they wish to support and the amounts they wish to allocate to them, they can pay simply by putting their cards in the kiosks’ secure payment device.

100 donation kiosks

Kiosk Innova designed and manufactured 100 donation kiosks to enable timely and straightforward collection of donations used to alleviate the struggles of people in need all around the world. Qatar Charity then installed the kiosks in important points around the country. With the donation kiosks manufactured by Kiosk Innova, Qatar Charity has begun a project that will inspire many similar organisations.

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