Product Showcase Solutions

Freshening up with the ambiance of the future, product showcase kiosks produced by Kiosk Innova convert your places into effective promotional channels. Being used by many firms for different purposes, Promotion Kiosks carry these firms to a privileged position thanks to their structure which can be designed according to the corporate identity. With their flexible structures, product showcase kiosks, which can be used in all outdoor and indoor areas, are designed to meet all requirements of companies from all sectors. Kiosks draw attention of the user with their technological and stylish designs and ensure timely access to the target audience with the correct message in order to realize product showcase effectively. Kiosks, which can be positioned in numerous application areas from shopping centers to stores and from stadiums to companies, turn into an eye-catching advertisement space in their locations by prioritizing modern sense of aesthetics.

Customers can access any information regarding products/services via these kiosks 7/24 without any need for store staff. Thus, less employees are needed and this saves costs. An effective promotion is not the only contribution of the product showcase kiosk, which is entirely an Innova solution. As it saves printing and paper costs of conventional promotion methods, it also brings high saving rates in promotion budgets. Furthermore, as operations such as product updating can be easily done on the main screen, it becomes possible to offer up-to-date content continuously with very low costs.

Some of the models we present under this solution:

IDS Touchdesk