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IDO Outdoor Ticketing and Payment Kiosk


Istanbul Deniz Otobusleri (Istanbul Sea Buses and Fast Ferries Inc.) - IDO- was founded in 1987 by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in order to provide fast, comfortable, safe and alternate commuting services. As of today IDO operates 80 vessels and 83 terminals carrying more than 90 million passengers and 5 million vehicles annually. In April 2005 merging with City Line Ferry Services IDO became primary provider of waterborne transportation services in Istanbul and The Sea of Marmara. Over the last number of years IDO has invested $200 million for new fleet and port facilities.


During rush hours there were long queues at IDO ticket counters. Passengers had to arrive several hours in advance of their travel times to buy and get their tickets. On the other hand, vehicle drivers had to get their tickets from the box offices before arriving to the terminals not to wait in long queues or even not to miss their ferries. This also had a negative and dissatisfying effect on IDO customers.

Kiosk Innova Ticket and Payment Kiosk Solution

Innova designed and manufactured different models of ticketing and payment kiosks for indoor and outdoor use. The payment and ticketing kiosks had to meet tough demands: Each ticket and payment kiosk issues thousands of tickets each day. What's more, some of the ticket and payment kiosks are outside in the sun and close to the sea, making the environment very demanding for ticket printers. Self-service ticketing and payment kiosks allow passengers to buy their tickets at the kiosks or get their online purchased tickets simply by swiping their credit cards at the kiosks.


Kiosk Innova ticket and payment kiosks were manufactured and deployed at all of the terminals both for indoor and outdoor usage. During high season, a single ticket and payment kiosk prints approximately 15,000 tickets per day. With this high efficient and robust solution there was a high increase in customer satisfaction and demand to IDO services.

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