Success Stories:

TURSAB Outdoor Ticketing and Payment Kiosk Solutions

Established to improve tourism in Turkey in 1972, the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TURSAB) has been influential in developing tourism policy in the country. Its responsibilities include establishing professional standards, organising training activities and finding solutions for problems experienced by travel agencies.

As part of a project to modernise 52 museums and historical ruins in Turkey, TURSAB was responsible for identifying the problems and needs. The most important issue to be resolved was the persistent long queues at indoor and outdoor ticket counters serving (museum tickets) these sites.

Ticketing and payment kiosks at different locations

Kiosk Innova installed self-service outdoor ticketing and payment kiosks, which were also capable of issuing museum cards, at 52 locations determined by TURSAB. Payment and ticketing kiosks made the purchase of museum tickets very easy for individuals or groups. Tourists can now easily use these multilingual payment and ticketing kiosks and pay for the tickets with cash (banknotes, coins) or with credit/debit cards.

Kiosk Innova also installed Digital Signages -information and direction screens- at these historical ruins to display presentations and give dynamic information to visitors. Tourists visiting Turkey found more interesting and attractive content displayed through modern designs at the sites.

Outdoor ticketing and payment kiosks for museums

Kiosk Innova’s indoor and outdoor ticketing and payment kiosks were installed in both indoor and outdoor locations. Ticketing and payment kiosks prevented long queues and increased customer satisfaction.

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