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Kiosks: Outdoor 49

Outdoor 49
Outdoor 49
Outdoor 49

The Outdoor 49” kiosk can be used in all kinds of outdoor conditions, and can withstand rain and dust. It is highly durable and built on a solid structure that can stand up to even the roughest treatment. It is designed for use as a digital information and advertising station.

Need Assessment

  • Would you like to reach your visitors and customers outdoors?
  • Would you like to be able to give local residents important information (the location of latenight pharmacies, bus times, navigation, parking facilities) at any time?
  • Would you like to show advertisements and notifications to the public outdoors?


Metal body, Kiosk PC, Windows,
49” touchscreen LCD,
industrial air cooling


  • Camera
  • Touchscreen
  • Telephone
  • UPS

Target Markets

Municipalities, shops, banks, hotels, construction sites, head offices and public buildings