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Top-up Credit Project for Turkey’s Leading Natural Gas Supplier

Turkey’s largest natural gas provider has chosen Innova to supply its top-up kiosks.

Turkey’s foremost natural gas supplier, IGDAS, has always been committed to using the latest available technology to ensure it meets the needs of its millions of subscribers. In keeping with this, its new top-up kiosk (top-up credit) project was aimed at offering prepaid customers a more convenient solution by setting up kiosks around residential areas in the Istanbul suburbs. These kiosks have enabled provider’s subscribers to top up credit (credit loading) around the clock, without having to leave their neighbourhood to do so.

Topping up credit without a payment

The kiosks, developed by Kiosk Innova, allow customers to load credit (credit loading) without making a payment, thus ensuring that they can enjoy an uninterrupted service even when they are unable to reach provider’s service centres due to harsh winter conditions. Users can upload small amounts of credit (top-up credit) to last them until they can reach a pay desk to purchase a normal top up, at which time the credit loaded at the top-up kiosks is automatically deducted from the new balance.

Top-up Credit Project for Turkey’s Leading Natural Gas Supplier
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