Success Stories:

Custom Designed Kiosks in Moscow, Russia

Turkey's Anadolu Group undertook a project to create a high-tech venue on the ground floor of a shopping centre located opposite the Grand Kremlin Palace in Moscow. The designs of the project were created by North Shield.

Innova took responsibility for every stage of the technology installations at the venue, from generating initial ideas to providing software solutions, to manufacturing the hardware. The task was made possible thanks to Innova’s leading self-service solution division, Kiosk Innova. The venue was decorated with Kiosk Innova’s specially designed digital signage solutions, and interactive communication products were situated throughout the venue.

Technology to bring people together

Custom designed and produced kiosks were placed at various locations in the venue, including at each table and in the bar area, in order to facilitate better communication between customers. The cameras placed in the kiosks allow those in the bar to be able to connect with each other visually. A software application was programmed to recognise customers when they make their orders, and provides suggestions based on previous purchases. These solutions are highly practical and contribute greatly to customer satisfaction.

A number of LCDs were manufactured in order to be embedded within walls, while others were designed to be tilted from right to left. Screens placed at high and large tables were suspended from the ceiling to be brought down at the touch of a button when needed, or raised out of the customer’s sight when not in use.