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Kiosks: Monolith


Regardless of the venue, the Monolith is able to convey your messages to a target audience, or to enhance your corporate image by attracting visitors’ attention with visual content like advertising films, corporate promotion videos, presentations and announcements.

Need Assessment

  • How does your company make announcements?
  • Do you send invitations with leaflets or by using screens?
  • What kind of solutions do you have to advertise in shopping centres?
  • Are you able to convey your corporate identity as affectively as possible?


Metal body and stainless steel base,
43” LCD screen, Kiosk PC, Windows,
adaptable design (black body as standard)
Size: 650 x 500 x 1.865 mm
Weight: 23 kg.


  • 43” touchscreen
  • Front face casing
  • 2D barcode reader
  • Camera
  • Uninterruptable power supply (UPS)

Target Markets

Municipal facilities, shopping plazas, hotels, construction areas, corporate headquarters, public buildings, etc.