Success Stories:

Mesa Kartall Information Kiosk Project


Since 1969 MESA has been constructing residential projects domestically and internationally and has become one of the leading brands in the residential sector. With time MESA then diversified its range of operations, becoming a group of companies. Today it employs over 4,000 staff. MESA has constructed more than 70,000 homes covering 7 million square metres across Turkey.


MESA was searching for the best way to illustrate their MESA Kartall Project to visitors and even to offer them the opportunity to take a virtual tour. It needed a solution that would offer hardware and software applications capable of meeting MESA’s high standards and aesthetic expectations.

Kiosk Innova Solution

The solution developed exclusively for MESA included a touch screen computer placed in a container that blended with the interior decorations and was positioned in a specially designed corner of the sales office. There was also a videowall which did not compromise the aesthetics of the office. The visitors of the Mesa Kartall sales office can now see all details of the project on the videowall and explore the residences and living spaces by using a special application on a 19” touch screen LCD.

The application offers 360-degree panoramic views of the project giving the impression of a real tour. The solution offered direct support to the sales effort, including a 2x2 matrix structured video wall application which showcases the high resolution and color quality of the the visuals and creates a realistic 3D quality. The video wall was made up of 46” flat LCD screens mounted to create an elegant result.

The application software which facilitates the integrated use of the touchscreen and video wall unit was developed exclusively for MESA Kartall by Kiosk Innova. The Ki Browser, the platform that the application works on, guarantees the smooth running of the application and also offers security. The application stops users from going to unwanted channels or switching off the application.


Having begun the project in February 2012, Kiosk Innova handed it over to the client in only 15 days. It proved its success by creating a ‘temptation centre’ in the sales office in an impressively brief time. With this solution, which contributed directly to the sales effort and the office aesthetics, MESA found exactly what they were looking and can now display all the attraction of their residential project in detail.