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Ki Manager

Using the server software, you can remote manage and update your Kiosks and Digital Signage screens placed in various locations from a single center. Ki Manager provides an integrated solution for cases where numerous kiosks are used. Receiving detailed usage reports, it can determine the user trends. You can remotely monitor your kiosks, access hardware data and reports, turn on/ turn off machines, assign automatic tasks, and determine hardware problems to take necessary actions. You can also remotely provide maintenance support for the kiosks. You can add new management units and change the contents on Digital Signage screens easily via its add-in based configuration. You can remotely update applications and various files on kiosk. You can monitor anything from a single center thanks to the Windows event logs.

Main features of Ki Manager Application:
  • Ensures remote updating of the kiosk software,
  • Ensures Windows event logs to be reviewed on kiosks,
  • Additional functions may be added via its add-in support,
  • Reports utilization and idle times of kiosks,
  • Reports information about website addresses visited on kiosks,
  • Hardware status of kiosks can be queried,
  • Used and available parts of disks and disk sections on kiosk can be viewed separately,
  • Kiosks with problematic hardware are viewed on top,
  • Logs generated by kiosks can be viewed,
  • Kiosks can be grouped,
  • Kiosks can be grouped on kiosk projects basis,
  • Offers advanced user support. User roles are defined and role-based authorizations for updating, deleting and viewing can be defined for pages,
  • User-specific menus can be introduced,
  • Kiosk groups can be authorized on the basis of user groups,
  • Remote prompts can be sent to kiosks. Prompts may include restart, taking screen shot, application on/off, SQL commands, service start/pause, file operation, etc.
  • Provides multi-language support.