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Ki Browser

It is the kiosk user interface software used in Kiosk and Digital Signage projects. It provides communication with the central server software to establish required hardware communication with kiosk peripheral units. Its xml-based configuration may be changed and managed according to the project. It makes content preparation and presentation possible through web technologies. It ensures security and automatic maintenance of Kiosks, meets touchpad requirement by means of its virtual screen keypad.

It manages the second screen in Kiosks with a second screen. It ensures easy development of many application requirements thanks to its add-in based configuration. It provides necessary prompt transmittance to the hardware via JavaScript.

Main features of Ki Browser:
  • Prevents end-user’s uncontrolled access to Windows.
  • Ensures safe navigation in the websites.
  • Provides access to the hardware on kiosk via JavaScript. Thus, hardware access enabled application can be realized by HTML.
  • Different applications can be run on the second screen thanks to the second screen support.
  • Automatically turns off pop-ups.
  • Provides safe output from a printer on it or on the network.
  • Offers safe printer selection.
  • Allows displaying of defined applications when kiosk is not in use (IDLE).
  • A safely transmitted operator application is available to view hardware status information on kiosk.
  • Screen is divided to multi fields and allows for operating a special application in each field.
  • There is multi-tab support for Internet.
  • Download restriction from the Internet may be imposed. Does not allow downloading to USB only, a special field on the disc or downloading by turning off the download feature.
  • Provides cost saving by eliminating the need for keypad with its virtual keypad support.
  • Supports zoom in/zoom out feature on webpages.
  • When the user leaves, automatically returns to home page at the end of the time specified.
  • Deletes user information at each logout to ensure security.
  • Records down utilization and idle times of Kiosks.
  • Prevents navigation of undesired websites via Kiosks by restricting or permitting websites on URL basis.
  • Prevents the installation of contents such as ActiveX and Java by downloading on kiosk when navigating on the Internet.
  • It has multilanguage support and language files are kept in xml format in text files, and can be easily updated.