Success Stories:

Istanbul Aquarium
Information Kiosk Project


Istanbul Aquarium, the world’s biggest thematic aquarium, with 6,800 cubic meters of water is home to some 1,500 species land and sea creatures. It offers visitors a special thematised and interactive route which gives a rainforest experience using cutting-edge technology.


This giant aquarium project, spread over 22,000 m2 on two floors, needed kiosks placed in front of the aquarium windows to give information about the species on display. The design needed to match the aquarium’s thematic style and in terms of its functions it had to be extremely easy to use by all visitors.

Kiosk Innova Solution

Kiosk Innova’s INF 130 model was chosen as it matched all the requirements set out by the Istanbul Aquarium and 39 kiosks were manufactured for the project. The decision about which kiosk to use was made after meetings both at the aquarium and in Innova’s production facilities. Kiosk Innova also designed a special PC configuration for the project, as the standard configuration was not capable of showing 3D. Before completing the project, kiosks were redressed and coloured in order to enhance the atmosphere of the aquarium.


Having started the project in the last quarter of 2010, Kiosk Innova successfully delivered 39 INF 130 model kiosks. With these attractive and practical kiosks that perfectly reflected Istanbul Aquarium’s identity, the attraction obtained the high-tech infrastructure it needed to give information about the species it displays to its visitors. Thanks to these kiosks, which have 3D technology capable of bringing an extra level of appeal to the venue and its content, Istanbul Aquarium is now able to offer an interactive experience to its visitors.