inMapper Digital Wayfinding Solution

Kiosk Innova's inMapper digital wayfinding solution helps visitors of large-scale constructions such as shopping malls, hospitals, campuses to find the desired destinations through mobile devices and kiosks. Companies that deploy this solution improve customer satisfaction and revenue potential.

It is not always easy for visitors to find their destinations in large and complex facilities such as shopping malls, holiday villages, hotels, hospitals, campuses, and airports. Kiosk Innova offers a digital wayfinding solution that improves the experience of visitors who often require support of signs or facility staff: inMapper Wayfinding. Used through mobile devices or inMapper kiosks, this solution helps visitors to easily find their destinations and facility owners to significantly increase visitor satisfaction and hence revenues.

How does the system work?

To easily reach the targeted location, visitors can simply scan the inMapper Wayfinding QR code on their mobile devices or make a search on inMapper kiosks available at the venue. Thanks to the smart search feature of the solution, wayfinding service is provided in accordance with the keywords entered. Search can also be made through categories such as food court, shopping, information desk, ATM, or parking. As a result of the search, inMapper finds the most convenient route to the destination, showing the passage points between the floors and making it easier for visitors to reach their destination.

Using a web-based search interface that is familiar to us from mobile devices and its interactive navigation feature, inMapper Wayfinding creates a route that is based on the user's stance and displays the route to the destination through animations. It also offers special routes for visitors with various needs, such as parents with baby carriages, wheelchair users, or elderly people. In case of emergency, inMapper Wayfinding routes the people in the building to related locations and notifies them with warning messages. The multilingual nature of the solution allows foreign visitors to get services in their own languages.

In short, inMapper Wayfinding not only provides visitors with a better venue experience, but also helps business owners or managers to take important steps in increasing brand reliability.

Central management gives you control

Thanks to its web-based structure, inMapper Wayfinding provides practical usage for both visitors and companies. With a central structure, the solution allows managing kiosks at different points of the facility from a single point. It can also be integrated with other solutions used in the facility and can thus be used as part of a comprehensive ecosystem in self-service applications.

Convert screens to advertising spaces

InMapper Wayfinding can be an ideal medium for targeted advertising both on kiosks and mobile devices. Ads or commercials can be broadcast on kiosks or mobile device screens.

Moreover, special promotions and discounts can be offered to visitors in line with their locations and the keywords they enter. For example, promotions or discount codes for restaurants relevant to the keywords can be provided to people looking for a restaurant in a shopping mall. Thus, customer satisfaction and sales potential can be increased.

In addition, with the analysis screens on inMapper, corporations can track data, such as most common searches or most preferred points, and report them in detail. This data can then be used to further improve customer experience.