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Kiosks: INF 110

INF 110
INF 110
INF 110

With its small footprint, this modular kiosk includes all key components, including printers and readers. An optional 19” second screen enables the display of advertising, directions or other information.

Need Assessment

  • Would you like to pass information to your customers in an unrestricted environment?
  • Do you need to instruct and train employees during their breaks?
  • Who do your customers go to when they want information on a product?
  • How do you advertise your promotional campaigns?
  • Would you like to be able to dress your kiosk for special events?
  • How do you handle customer interactions such as questionnaires, applications and complaints?


Metal body, Kiosk PC, Windows, 19” LCD Screen
Dimensions: 480 x 470 x 1.460 mm
Weight: 45 kg.


  • 19” touchscreen
  • 19” second screen
  • 80mm thermal receipt printer
  • Steel keyboard and trackball
  • Telephone
  • Swipe card reader
  • 2D barcode reader
  • Camera

Target Markets

Municipal facilities, entrances to corporate buildings, waiting areas, lounges, cafeterias, conference halls... Ideal for deploying applications to capture customer suggestions and complaints, provide information, or make sales through a virtual POS.