Industrial Solutions

Customized specifically for the needs of the production industry, these kiosk models easily keep pace with all conditions thanks to best isolation techniques. It contributes in efficiency by ease-of-use while operating smoothly for many years. In addition to outdoor and indoor area applications, Kiosk Innova meets requirements in different sectors and areas. Being a solution focusing on production facilities; industrial kiosks offer innovative, reliable and economical services meeting customer needs also in this field. Designed for use not only in production facilities, but also in technical services, infrastructure units located in worksites, production and control centers in outdoors; kiosks cover the least possible area in the production. It can be easily transported and used by anyone smoothly no matter what his or her physical properties are.

Kiosks bear all features that may be required by people working in a factory environment. Furthermore, they offer an industrial structure, which is not affected by problems arising from the nature of production environments such as dust, humidity, heat and electrical noise in addition to many auxiliary items that may facilitate the work in the production process such as document holders and barcode reader housings. Just like many solutions aiming to meet different requirements in various areas from finance to production, Kiosk Innova is also developing its references in the sector in Industrial Kiosks solution day by day.

Some of the models we present under this solution:

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