Success Stories:

Haydar Aliyev Airport Passenger Information Systems Project

Located as the main airport of Azerbaijan, Haydar Aliyev Airport is also an important hub within the transportation traffic of Caucasian Region. The airport with an annual capacity of almost 3 million passengers includes two passenger terminals and one cargo terminal. The airport which is located at 20 km. northeast of Baku and to which several international airway corporations make flights every year, hosts intensive passenger and cargo flights.

Haydar Aliyev Airport, in need of catching the requirements and technologies of the time as an international airport, aimed to reach its passengers at any time and transmit instant flight information. Updating the flight information instantly and operating the guidance services in the best manner possible within the boundaries of the airport were the most important points on which the authorities have focused. Being an airport with an international position, it was a must for Haydar Aliyev Airport to utilize the leading-edge technology suitable for service industry.

In the detailed estimation studies carried out in Haydar Aliyev Airport, the locations of display monitors on which the passenger information systems would appear, were determined meticulously. Selected in dimensions of 32 inches and 42 inches, the display monitors were located at 52 different points including passenger entrance and exit areas, check-in counters and exit gates. For Haydar Aliyev Airport Passenger Information Systems project, 84 display monitors and hardware and software compounds constituting central broadcasting system were installed and Scala Digital Signage application which is used in many airports worldwide was preferred as the central broadcasting system application platform. Integration with airport databank for the contents to be displayed on the monitors, for which project-specific background and template designs were realized by Kiosk Innova.

With this project, Haydar Aliyev Airport has attained the modern view required by the time we live.

And it has started to provide more comfortable and modern services to its passengers. Owing to 84 display monitors that were installed in the airport and the information provided on these monitors, the passengers have started to reach all flight information easily within the time they spend in the airport.