Success Stories:

GDRFA Wayfinding Kiosks

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs–Dubai (GDRFA) now uses Curve Racket and Curve Desk wayfinding kiosks to welcome visitors requiring entrance and exit permissions, work permits and many other services offered by the Directorate.

Today Dubai is seen as the Middle East’s most important commercial and tourism capital. The majority of two million foreigners who need to visit GDRFA offices to complete applications for various different documents, such as for work or residence permits. In order to respond to escalating service demand in the ten offices it operates around the city, GDRFA has made an ongoing commitment to increasing its use of technology.

GDRFA previously worked with Kiosk Innova on its visa application kiosk project, which dramatically reduced the time and workload involved in processing visa applications. This time the Directorate worked with Kiosk Innova on a way finding Project to help visitors find departments easily, thus helping them complete required work more easily and quickly.

Merging two products into one perfect solution

The wayfinding solution developed by Kiosk Innova for GDRFA has a software which runs on both 42” Curve Racket’s and 46” Curve Desk’s. Kiosk Innova has provided a complete interactive solution, undertaking every aspect of manufacturing, installation and software integration.

When visitors arrive, they often do not know which floor they need to visit to submit documents. The Curve Racket’s and Curve Desk’s (touch desk) answer all these questions and can offer a graphical display indicating the route that visitors need to follow. In addition, visitors are able to bring their appointment printouts and scan them on a barcode reader embedded in the Curve Desk’s (touch desk) in order to be directed to the appropriate location.

Directorate had benefited significantly from the wayfinding solution. Visitors no longer waste time being confused about where to go, traffic in the offices is much reduced, and the speed of every process has improved noticeably, helping boost visitor satisfaction levels.