Success Stories:

Full Fuel Digital Signage Solutions


Full Fuel Company was founded by AR Group in 2010 with a mission to create a strong brand in the fuel industry. From the beginning, the company gave a great deal of importance to infrastructure investments, which allowed it to enter the market with a high storage capacity, effective logistics and a centrally located large network of petrol stations. The brand offers high-quality products and services along with price advantages and continues to maintain a policy of bringing the benefits of its solid infrastructure to its customers.


Full wanted to give its petrol stations a superior visual impact in order to create a more attractive atmosphere for its customers and to create new advertising spaces for additional revenue. Aiming to increase customer satisfaction, Full also thought that some of these screens could show information of use to its customers, such as maps showing traffic density. Full asked Kiosk Innova to design and produce digital panels whose content could be centrally managed and also to set up the network.

Kiosk Innova Solution

In order to respond to Full’s request for centrally managed broadcasting, Kiosk Innova developed an end-to-end solution that went from editing the content to designing templates. Inside the store a Monolith-LCD totem was placed vertically and put into operation after it was redressed with an exclusive design for the company. LCD screens were placed in the specially designed and produced cabins located on the columns on the petrol pumping islands. Two 32 inch and one 42 inch LCD screens were placed on each pumping island. All the screens were set to show content received from the computer placed in the station office. The Scala Digital Signage application, a world leader in this area, was chosen as the central content management platform.


A Monolith was placed in the store of the pilot petrol station, which currently has fourteen 32 inch and seven 42 inch LCD screens on seven pumping islands. The station has thus been able to transmit announcements about services, campaigns and other information through the digital screens at any given moment. This transformation not only increased customer satisfaction but also provided Full with an effective advertising space. The company will improve its ability to generate additional income as it develops this network throughout its chain of petrol stations.