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Emicool Bill Payment Kiosks

Emicool, one of Dubai’s leading air conditioning companies, chose Kiosk Innova to supply its new bill payment kiosks.

Emicool is one of the largest companies in Dubai and pumps chilled water from its plants to air conditioners throughout the emirate. Customers pay for the air conditioning service on a metered basis, thus avoiding the large investments involved in purchasing, maintenance and repairs. Cooling rates are measured by BTU meters positioned in homes and businesses, and costs are calculated using a special billing system. Customers then use Emicool’s payment points to pay their bills.

Emicool implemented their bill payment kiosk project in order to offer the most convenient payment method possible for its customers, while also speeding up their collection processes. Kiosk Innova’s bill payment kiosks have thus been positioned at a number of busy locations, giving all Emicool customers the ability to settle their bills at any time, quickly and securely.

24/7 bill payments

The new kiosks, which accept cash and credit cards, make it possible for customers to find out how much they owe and then pay their bills with only a few clicks. Once the payment transaction is complete, customers receive a text message on their mobile phone confirming the transaction (secure payment).

The kiosks, which have been placed at the Dubai Investment Park and at MotorCity, have many advantages, in particular encouraging more regular payments and reducing delays. The kiosks have also increased the number of bill payment facilities available to customers, and helped reduce personnel costs.

Emicool Bill Payment Kiosks Emicool Bill Payment Kiosks Emicool Bill Payment Kiosks Emicool Bill Payment Kiosks Emicool Bill Payment Kiosks
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