Success Stories:

Self-service charity donations in Qatar

The Eid Charity, one of Qatar’s leading charities, is always searching for new ways to raise funds and process and distribute them efficiently. In recent times, the Association recognised the need for a solution capable of eliminating disruptions at collection points caused by complicated donation transactions, thus making the fundraising process as simple and orderly as possible. The task of providing manual receipts had been causing considerable delays and confusion, adding a significant burden to fundraising efforts.

Hassle-free donations, low-cost facilities

The Eid Charity decided to employ kiosks in order to free its volunteers to concentrate their efforts in more effective areas, and to accelerate donation transactions. It thus developed a special donation kiosk system in partnership with Kiosk Innova. These donation kiosks are empowered by one of Innova's reputable local business partners in the Gulf, IET Group’s tailor-made software and presented as a turn key solution to Eid Charity. The kiosks are designed to collect donations securely without assistance from staff, as well as to eliminate human error from the process of generating receipts.

The Association’s new advanced kiosk system allows donors to choose which causes they wish to support and to make their donations by whichever means they wish, since the underlying system supports payments by cash or card and uses the latest collection technologies. The kiosks display full details on their interactive screens and instantly print out payment receipts, thus offering a complete solution for the documentation of charitable donations.

Accurate data for more efficient operations

The project, which has essentially renewed Eid Charity’s fundraising system from head to toe, also provides a comprehensive data analysis system that makes it possible for the charity to monitor key data, such as the status of donations directed at specific causes or which kiosks are used most frequently, in real time. The charity is then able to generate reports based on a range of different criteria to help it plan future activities.