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Kiosks: Duet


Duet brings opportunities for multi-purpose use, including sale, check-in and promotion, and can be used everywhere from shopping centres to individual stores, and from sporting sites to airports. Duet has a light and durable design and can be clad with company colours and logos.

Need Assessment

  • Do people enquire about outstanding debts at your municipal offices?
  • Do you offer facilities to receive payments 24/7?
  • Do you have a solution to stop people getting bored while they wait?
  • Does your bank have long queues for cashiers?
  • Does your airport have a system for online check-in?
  • Can you provide student certification and payments from a kiosk?
  • How do you provide human resource services to your workers?


Metal body, Kiosk PC, Windows, 17” LCD touchscreen, steel keyboard and trackball
Size: 620 x 2.080 x 600 mm
Weight: 137 kg.


  • 19” top screen
  • 19” lower screen
  • 80mm thermal receipt printer
  • A4 laser printer
  • Unattended POS
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Telephone
  • UPS
  • Coin slot
  • PIN pad
  • Insert card reader
  • Mifare card reader
  • 2D barcode reader
  • Camera
  • Cash box (MEI or JCM)
  • Hopper

Target Markets

Shopping malls, individual shops, sports sites, airports, hotels, municipal facilities, collection centres (tax, bills, fees etc.), application centres.