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Kiosks: Duet Pro

Duet Pro
Duet Pro
Duet Pro

Duet Pro has been developed for companies that provide billing and collection facilities for prepaid or billed services. It allows customers to make payments using banknotes, coins and credit or debit cards. The top screen enables companies to show adverts and videos. The Duet Pro offers security of the highest level, and can detect malicious attacks through its security camera and motion detector. It also provides multiple language options, enabling foreign customers to easily make use of the self-service applications, and is therefore perfect for deployment in tourist areas.

Need Assessment

  • Do people enquire about outstanding debts at your municipal offices?
  • Do you have a solution to stop people getting bored while they wait?
  • Do you have long ques at your service desks or cahiers?
  • Does your airport have a system for online check-in?
  • Can you provide student certification and collect payments from a kiosk?
  • How do you provide human resource services to your workers?


Metal body, Kiosk PC, Windows, 17” LCD touchscreen, steel keyboard and trackball
Size: 620 x 2.080 x 600 mm
Weight: 137 kg


  • 80mm thermal receipt printer
  • 22” top screen
  • Unattended POS
  • PIN pad
  • Insert card reader
  • Mifare card reader
  • 2D barcode reader
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Camera
  • Telephone
  • UPS
  • Cash dispenser
  • Coin slot
  • Hopper

Target Markets

Shopping malls, individual shops, sports sites, airports, hotels, municipal facilities, collection centres (tax, bills, fees etc.), application centres.