Success Stories:

Global Village Ticketing Kiosk

Totalling over 7 million visitors per year, Dubai’s Global Village deploys Kiosk Innova’s ticketing kiosks

Global Village is one of the largest leisure and entertainment centres in the world, and hosts over 75 countries who participate by showcasing their culture through stage shows, concerts and the like. Spread over a 1.6 million meter square site, the open-air theme park consists of 32 different pavilions. It hosts over 7 million visitors per year.

Global Village launched the ticket kiosk project to offer a way for visitors to buy tickets without having to use manned booths. As the first phase of the project is complete, visitors are already using Innova’s ticketing kiosks to gain entry to the theme park. The rollout of the project will continue as more kiosks are installed.

Kiosks custom-designed for specific needs

Kiosk Innova designed the kiosk specifically to suit Global Village’s requirements and the physical area allocated to them. It also equipped the kiosks with modules capable of handling cash payments and refunds, POS devices for credit card payments, barcode readers and receipt printers. Special ticket printers selected by Global Village were also integrated into the kiosks. In addition, top screens were added to display advertising.

The highest level of customer satisfaction

Thanks to this project, long queues for ticket booths have been eradicated, increasing satisfaction levels of visitors to the attraction. 600,000 tickets will be issued using Innova kiosks this year, and this number is expected to double next year. By enabling all types of payment options with the integration of Kiosk type Credit Card Payment Terminals purpose-built for kiosk applications and cash and refund modules, the kiosks offer visitors an easy way to buy tickets. The high usage rates and an order for more kiosks from Global Village testify to the success of this project.

Kiosk Innova collaborated on this project with its business partner in the United Arab Emirates, the International Empire Traders Group of Companies (IET). Kiosk Innova manufactured the hardware for the kiosks, while IET undertook the design and development of the software and took responsibility for the kiosk’s installation and maintenance.