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DS Suit

DS Suit application is a Digital Signage Content Management Software, where content management is performed via remote control, centrally. Contents are retrieved from the center or defined other resources and broadcasted on screens at end points. Using the internet as the communication infrastructure, DS Suit has a structure, which provides dynamic content presentation unlike static information and billboards.

With DS Suit’s ability to support all video, picture, graphic and text formats, besides one-way broadcasting, a Kiosk application can also use the interactive computing opportunity simultaneously where the user may also view the content desired.

Designed considering the requirements of Digital Signage projects, DS Suit provides the following:

  • All screens can be managed 24/7 from a single center.
  • Multi-user can be set for screen management and different authorities may be assigned to each user.
  • Thanks to the wide format option supported by DS Suit, (playlists) may be created without any restrictions.
  • A different screen design, structure and content may be created for each screen and tens of different content formats may be used together with these different screen structures.
  • Up-to-date data can be taken from external sources and displayed.
  • A time schedule can be created for the contents and times and dates of the selected contents to be on and off the air can be set on day/hour basis.
  • Screens can be grouped and playlists with different features and contents may be assigned to each screen group.
  • Contents broadcasted on screens as well as interactive monitoring statistics can be reported.

    • Kiosk Innova DS Suit Software