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Denizli Municipality Bill Payment Kiosks

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has chosen Kiosk Innova kiosks to provide citizens with fast and convenient access to its services.

The most recent census figures show that Denizli is one of Turkey’s most populated and fastest growing cities. The city municipality operates 23 different directorates and several additional units, aiming to offer the highest possible level of service. In order to do so more easily, the municipality decided to deploy state-of-the-art technology.

Self-service municipal services

Denizli has a high ratio of working-age people, many of whom have difficulty in finding the time to run errands during the day. Making payments, finding information, following up on applications or making inquiries about documentation were all tasks that previously took too long and were very difficult to complete within working hours. In addition, such activities were causing municipal offices to become very crowded, further compounding inefficiencies. The Denizli Metropolitan Municipality thus decided to investigate the use of kiosks as a potential solution and eventually took the decision to work alongside Innova.

Uninterrupted 24/7 service

Thanks to the self-service payment kiosks, the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality can now offer the majority of its services, including bill payments and tax payments, at any time of day. Kiosk Innova’s self-service bill payment kiosks have had a dramatic effect by reducing queues in municipal offices, and continue to receive great interest from citizens who realise they no longer need to be bound by normal office hours.

Secure and fee-free payments

Members of the public can access the system simply by using their Turkish ID number, personal tax number or municipal registration number, and can make bill payments using their chip and pin credit card. Another advantage is that by using self-service payment options citizens are exempt from the additional fee applicable when accessing services through public offices.

What can Denizli Metropolitan Municipality bill payment kiosks do?

- Utility bill payment (water bills, etc.)
- Tax payment (property and other local taxes)
- Credit card payment
- Document tracking
- Address enquiries
- Cemetery information system
- Information on out-of-hours pharmacies
- Bus routes and timetables
- Arts and cultural information

Thanks to Kiosk Innova’s bill payment kiosks, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality offices are no longer as busy as before. Citizens are not forced to waste their valuable time during working hours in order to run errands and can instead use the bill payment kiosks located in shopping centres to take advantage of longer opening hours.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Bill Payment Kiosks Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Bill Payment Kiosks Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Bill Payment Kiosks
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