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Kiosks: Curve Pro

Curve Pro
Curve Pro
Curve Pro

The Curve Pro has been developed for use by companies or organisations that need to deploy collection and ticketing services, including pre-payment, bill payment and ticket dispensing. Curve Pro enables customers to make a wide variety of payments using banknotes, coins, credit or debit cards. Thanks to its user-friendly interface Curve Pro offers customers a simpler way of carrying out most of the transactions that would otherwise have to be completed at staffed counters. The payment kiosks and ticket kiosks not only offer a cost-effective solution to collections by reducing staffing levels, but also help to increase market penetration and customer loyalty.

Curve Pro kiosks are also equipped with the highest level of security technology. They are able to detect malicious transactions by deploying security features such as security cameras, impact sensors and motion detectors. Integrated POS and encrypted PIN components make it possible for customers to complete credit and debit card transactions securely. In addition, the kiosks provide complete security for cash, thanks to their 2mm/6mm/12mm safe deposit boxes, which are sealed with electronic locks.

The Curve Pro model can be supplied with many optional components that can be customised for different purposes, such as for tax payment, ticket purchase, local government transactions, and banking.

Technical Specifications

Usage Self-service payment and collection, for indoor use
Cabinet Fibreglass and metal housing, corporate branding
Computer Kiosk PC as computer
Screen 17” Touchscreen LCD
Audio Stereo speaker
Dimensions 1150W x 487D x 1917H mm
Weight 175 kg
Other 80 mm thermal printer, 500 banknote capacity bill acceptor
Standard Colours
RAL 1003   RAL 9006   RAL 9005   RAL 9003   RAL 7000   RAL 6000   RAL 5000   RAL 3000

Optional Specifications

19’’ LCD Display, Stainless Steel Keyboard and Trackball, Web Camera, Insert Card Reader, Contactless Card Reader, Motorized Card Reader, Encrypted PIN Pad, Unattended POS, 1000-2000 banknote capacity Bill Acceptor, Bill Dispenser, Coin Acceptor, Coin Dispenser, Impact Sensor, Ki Control Board, LED Guidance, Barcode Reader, Telephone Handset, WI-FI Adaptor, 1000 VA UPS, Privacy Filter, Plexiglas Casing.

Contact us to discuss optional features.