Success Stories:

Cinemacity Ticket Kiosks

Lebanon’s Cinemacity brings Kiosk Innova’s next generation ticket kiosks to all its branches.

One of Lebanon’s most established and innovative brands, Empire Cinemas, opened its first branch of Cinemacity in Beirut in 2006. The cinema soon became one of the most popular in the country and Empire Cinemas quickly opened new branches throughout the country, and later in Iraq. The company is now one of the most important leisure providers in the Middle East and is particularly well known for investing in the latest imaging and audio technologies. Cinemacity worked with Kiosk Innova to refine its offerings even further, by giving customers a truly convenient cinema experience.

Self-service ticket kiosks

The challenge facing Cinemacity was to banish long queues at ticket boots, which would be particularly long on days when popular films were released, thus damaging customer experience and satisfaction. The solution was provided by Kiosk Innova, who designed and manufactured customised ticket kiosks (cinema tickets) carrying Cinemacity’s corporate branding. These have since been placed in all of the company’s Beirut cinemas.

The touchscreens fitted into the kiosks offer a hygienic and easy-to-use input method, while a second screen is allocated to showing film trailers. Customers can thus choose which film to watch by viewing clips on the overhead screens and then purchase cinema tickets on the lower screens using their credit cards. The user friendly interface allows visitors to select their own seats with ease, and the kiosks also make it possible to print tickets that have been pre-booked on the Cinemacity website (online tickets).

Single and double-sided Monolith

Cinemacity’s Iraqi branch required digital screens to show movie trailers and promotion campaigns. Thanks to Kiosk Innova’s single- and double-sided Monolith kiosks, Cinemacity customers can now enjoy trailers for current and forthcoming films, and can also get information about Cinemacity’s latest promotions.

Thanks to the ticket kiosks project, developed in cooperation with Kiosk Innova, Cinemacity is now able to target increased cinema ticket sales in the knowledge that it offers the most convenient way to buy tickets online and at its cinemas. In fact, thanks to Cinemacity’s new kiosks, queues are not the only thing to be reduced as staffing costs have also gone down considerably.

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