Success Stories:

MyBilet Cinema Ticketing & Payment Kiosk

Kiosk Innova supplied self-service cinema ticketing and payment kiosks to the Turkish
e-ticket sales company, MyBilet.

MyBilet is a sales company providing online tickets for theatre, cinema, festivals and other cultural and entertainment events throughout Turkey.

Kiosk Innova manufactured the self-service ticketing and payment kiosks now used by the company. These kiosks are installed at shopping centers for the moviegoers to buy their tickets conveniently.

Credit and debit card ticket sales

In order to provide secure credit and debit card sales, the custom-made ticketing and payment kiosks have been equipped with card terminals, unattended POS systems and encrypted keypads.

Customers can use the self-service payment and ticketing kiosks to buy their tickets using their credit and debit cards and to print tickets that were purchased online.

All About The Ticketing Kiosks