Call Center Solutions

You are just one call-away from your customers.

New kiosks developed by Innova to support the existing call centers in the company are enabling the customers to connect to the customer representative easily. By eliminating the need for calls over personal call systems, it provides cost-effectiveness and helps to get the customer calls quickly. Targeting many areas such as banks, shopping centers, airports, cinemas, etc.; this solution becomes prominent with its size and ease-of-use. Thanks to solution, which eliminates long queues at the customer services units, users can use the Kiosk application and also get support on the phone at the same time. Using Kiosk Innova solution, companies can offer 24/7 services in electronic environment to their customers. At Kiosks, a keypad completes the receiver resistant to all external conditions for analog phone connection. Remote controllable via Ethernet, kiosks can provide the customer to listen a voice message. Permitting for central update of these voice messages this solution also allows reporting line failures to the center.

Some of the models we present under this solution:

TLF 100 TLF 200