Success Stories:

Bulgarian Supermarket
Self-Service Checkouts

Supermarket customers in Bulgaria no longer have to waste time queuing at tills. Now they simply pay for their shopping at self-checkout kiosks.

Speed is of the essence in the retail sector and it is extremely common for customers to have to waste time in supermarkets during busier periods. A number of supermarkets in Bulgaria solved this problem by teaming up with Kiosk Innova and its partners to install Kiosk Innova’s self-service systems. The supermarket kiosks installed close to the exits have successfully sped up the checkout process and helped improve customer satisfaction.

The checkout project was deployed with assistance from Kiosk Innova and its partners. First, the company identified the most suitable kiosk models for positioning in the supermarkets. Then Kiosk Innova customized the models, fine tuned the design and hardware, and Kiosk Innova’s partner took care of all the work involved in software integration and installation. Only two months after the start of the project the kiosks entered service in all the participating stores.

How do supermarket kiosks work?

Before customers start their shopping they scan their membership cards in card readers placed at the entrance. Then they begin shopping using a hand terminal with an integrated barcode reader, which allows customers to see the exact price of each product and tells them about any general campaigns or product-specific discounts that may be in place instantly. Once they have finished shopping, customers pay using a credit card or cash at the supermarket kiosks (self-checkout kiosk), before handing back their terminals and collecting their receipts from the printer on the side of the kiosks. If a problem is encountered an alert lamp lights up above the kiosk, in order to attract the attention of a member of staff.

Self-service bill payments

Customers can also pay their utility bills at these kiosks at the same time as doing their shopping. Since the supermarket kiosks are integrated with a wide range of institutions, customers can now pay for various utilities and services like electricity, water, gas or telecoms (bill payment). They can also top-up their mobile phones or purchase prepaid internet packages with only a few steps. The self checkout kiosks accept many kinds of payment, including cash payment, debit or credit cards, and they print receipts for each transaction using a thermal printer.