Success Stories:

Bridgestone Industrial Kiosk Project


Bridgestone Corporation is a Japanese rubber conglomerate founded in 1931 in Japan. The name Bridgestone comes from a literal translation and transposition of ishibashi, meaning "stone bridge" in Japanese. It is currently the largest tire manufacturer in the world. Bridgestone is currently ranked as the top company in the global tire market. As of the end of 2005, production facilities belonging to the Bridgestone Group have increased to 141 spread throughout twenty-four nations of the world.


One of Bridgestone's biggest plants is located in Adapazari, Turkey. The plant manufactures all sorts of tires that are marketed to EMEA region. The manufacturing environment contains a big volume of carbon dust, which is a conductive material. This consistently damaged the PC's on the shop floor which were used for manufacturing and quality control. A standard PC would go out of order in 3 weeks after it was deployed on the shop floor. These outages affected the entire manufacturing process.

Kiosk Innova Solution

Kiosk Innova has designed a special industrial kiosk (which then became a standard model) with IP64 isolation, which could withstand the rigours of the tire manufacturing environment.


The kiosk deployed at Bridgestone have been operational for three years now, with no unexpected problems. The robustness of the kiosks have resulted in big cost savings for Bridgestone