Success Stories:

Akbank Credit Machine Kiosk Project


Akbank ranks as Turkey's largest private sector bank with regard to profitability and market value. In addition to its core banking activities, Akbank also offers a wide range of retail, commercial, corporate, private banking and international trade finance services. Non-banking financial, capital market and investment services are provided by the Bank's subsidiaries. With its use of the latest advances in technology and its staff of experienced bankers, Akbank continues to focus on providing the highest quality services to a diverse group of private and corporate clientele. About 31.6% of Akbank shares are publicly traded and listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE). Citibank is also a shareholder of Akbank. The Loan Kiosk has earned a special award “The Most Innovative Project of 2008” given by The Bankers Magazine.


Loan and Credit Card Market is one of the major markets in Turkish Finance Industry. Akbank and the most successful bank in this area has planned to create a new channel named “Credit Machine” aiming to automate the loan and credit card application process.

Kiosk Innova Solution

By following our custom design approach we have created and developed a unique, innovative and user friendly kiosk system. For the target audience of the kiosk is the BA, B and C profiled wage groups, easy usage was mandatory for the success of the project. For this reason we have developed a virtual teller software, which guides the user through all the application process. The Credit Kiosk has the following features;

  • 17inch touch screen monitor,
  • robust metallic keyboard,
  • motorized card reader and credit card issuer,
  • a phone which is used for getting the necessary application information via voice if preferred,
  • a signature pad to get the signature of the loan or credit card applier,
  • cam to capture the picture of the applier,
  • scanner to copy the ID information of the applier,
  • Kiosk Innova Control Card to manage the kiosk functions and guide the user when to use the right component,
  • A4 printer to print the final loan or credit card application agreement
  • A mail box to leave the signed copy of the application
  • A virtual teller application which guides the user through all the application process,
  • Ki Management application which enables the remote management of the Credit Kiosks.


As the project is first and unique in the world, it had a big impact on brand awareness and institutional identity. The Loan Kiosk has earned a special award “The Most Innovative Project of 2008” given by The Bankers Magazine.