Application Acceptance Solutions

Convenience to apply from anywhere, without visiting the branch

Aiming to meet customers’ needs in a fast and reliable environment by offering self-service for customers, Application Acceptance Kiosks proceed and complete processes swiftly getting the required data from the user by means of a keypad and receiver. Tracking the application process using Kiosks, which can be used as a comprehensive solution for many sectors, customers can view the application status and result in detail. Capable to perform all tasks carried out by a customer representative, these kiosks can record information as voice record in case of need and get the real signature of the applicant by means of the signature panel it bears. Application kiosks can take a printout of the document for the applicant via the A4 printer on the terminal and can get applicant’s signature; and the signed document can be take back by the device.

Some of the models we present under this solution:

APL 210