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Kiosks: APL 210

APL 210
APL 210
APL 210

APL 210 entirely undertakes the application process just like a customer representative. It aims to meet such requirements quickly in a reliable environment. Ensuring completion of data entry easily and smoothly with a keyboard and signature panel on it, APL 210 offers a comprehensive solution for various sectors.

Equipped with a phone system to make audio recording of the information when needed, APL 210 has also a signature panel to get the actual signature of the applicant. The Kiosk can take a printout of the document for the applicant via the A4 printer on the terminal and get applicant’s signature. User can give the signed document back to the device.

Technical Specifications

Usage For self-service application
Cabinet Metal body
Computer Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 2 GB, 160 GB HDD, USB, Ethernet ports
Screen 17" touchscreen LCD
Audio Standard Speaker
Dimensions 750 x 800 x 1540 mm
Weight 150 kg
Other Robust metal keyboard, telephony system to record audible information, digital signature panel, ID Scanner, Ki Control Board, A4 printer, form box, virtual teller application, remote management