Success Stories:

AUE University Payment Kiosks

American University in the Emirates (AUE) moves into a new era of self-service student registry services with support from Kiosk Innova.

The number of students at the Dubai-based American University in the Emirates (AUE) is increasing every year, and the demand for student registry services is growing with it. Because of this, AUE, which has a strategic location in the Dubai International Academic City, a custom-designed district for higher education, launched a project to reduce the burden on administrative staff.

This project was aimed at making all the services normally offered by student registry offices, such as enrolment, tuition payment (university fee), document enquiries, transcript printing and so on, available on a self-service basis. Kiosk Innova was asked to step in and reconfigured one of its multi-function payment kiosks (self-service payment) to meet the specific requirements of the University.

Contactless student registry

By using one of Kiosk Innova’s dual screen payment kiosks, AUE students are now able to perform the registration process without assistance. Students can easily access their personal information by using a contactless card reader, while a second screen works as a communication platform by displaying important announcements.

Tuition fee payments

A cash acceptance unit on the kiosks also makes the tuition fee (university fee) payment process much more convenient. While AUE students can avoid queues by paying their tuition fees using cash or a credit cards at any time, AUE benefits from easier and more timely collection of fees.

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