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Atlasjet Check-in Kiosks

Turkey’s Atlasjet airline chose Kiosk Innova to develop their check-in kiosks.

Atlasjet is a Turkish airline operating domestic and international scheduled and unscheduled flights.

Atlasjet woke with Kiosk Innova to supply check-in kiosks designed to offer customers a convenient check-in experience while avoiding long queues prior to departure.

Check-in kiosks by Kiosk Innova

Kiosk Innova provided all the necessary hardware and positioned the kiosks at strategic points around the airport to maximise convenience.

Passengers can access their reservations by either using the in-built barcode readers to scan their airline tickets or by inserting the debit or credit card they used when purchasing their tickets into the integrated card reader. The kiosks then allow customers to choose their seats and print boarding passes. Passengers who checked in online can also use the kiosks to change their seating allocation.

Atlasjet Check-in Kiosks Atlasjet Check-in Kiosks
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