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Check-in Kiosks

Kiosk Innova’s self-service kiosks simplify check-in processes in various settings, including airports, hotels and hospitals.

Along with ticketing kiosks, Kiosk Innova has been developing self-service check-in kiosks aimed at making people’s lives easier. These solutions are now being used to speed up check-in and check-out processes and significantly reduce costs for companies operating in various sectors, including tourism, air travel and healthcare.

Kiosk Innova is one of Turkey’s biggest kiosk makers and has used its vast experience in building and designing ticketing kiosks to engineer self-service check-in kiosks which have brought great convenience and security to thousands of passengers in airports. The check-in kiosk solutions can be configured on any standard ticketing kiosk model and are enriched with hundreds of special Kiosk Innova hardware features. Hybrid models can also be created by adding check-in functions when needed.

An all-in-one solution for ticket sales, ticket printing and check-in processes.

Advantages of self check-in kiosks:

  • Reduce the cost of each check-in process
  • Add value to your business
  • Increase revenue with multiple language and currency options
  • Enable more express check-in points
  • Accept all form of payments 24/7
  • Reduce customer waiting times

Beating the clock at the airport

Self check-in kiosks are intended for use by airline passengers with electronic tickets who wish to check-in without waiting to use a standard check-in desk. Using the airline check-in kiosks, passengers can choose their seat, check-in and print their boarding passes many hours before departure. They can also use the kiosks in the final minutes before their flights instead of having to join long queues at check-in desks when time is short. Passengers with luggage are directed to designated drop-off points or check-in desks.

Patient check-in kiosks in hospitals

Self check-in kiosks are increasingly being deployed in ambulatory and emergency departments as a means to boost patient satisfaction and improve operational efficiency. Kiosks give patients a fast and convenient way to check themselves in, register for services, make payments and update personal information. Designed to augment existing front-office personnel, kiosks reduce waiting lines and help free up staff members to assist patients with more complicated registration or payment needs. Compared to other technologies, such as electronic medical records or clinical systems, patient kiosks are relatively easy to implement, require a small investment, and can be deployed selectively in the departments that are likely to benefit the most from their use.

Exceptionally flexible solutions

Kiosk Innova not only takes care of hardware design, but also looks after software application development in order to address your company’s specific requirements fully. It can serve as a turnkey solution provider to handle all your development needs or can suggest an appropriate application development partner who can work with you on specific modules designed to suit the vertical market in which you are operating.


SunExpress Check-In KioskSunExpress is a joint venture between Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa. The airline began flying in 1990 and now operates 1,000 scheduled flights a week from Antalya, Izmir and Istanbul’s Sabiha Gokcen airport. SunExpress was looking for a solution to offer its customers an easier check-in experience and avoid long queues. SunExpress passengers are now able to check in quickly and print boarding passes by themselves, thus avoiding long waits.

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Airline Check-In KioskAtlasjet is a Turkish airline operating domestic and international scheduled and unscheduled flights. Atlasjet woke with Kiosk Innova to supply check-in kiosks designed to offer customers a convenient check-in experience while avoiding long queues prior to departure. Kiosk Innova provided all the necessary hardware and positioned the airline check-in kiosks at strategic points around the airport to maximise convenience.

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