Innova's IoT Platform: SkywaveIoT

SkywaveIoT platform built to empower Internet of Things, enables you to develop brand new innovative IoT applications with its flexible and reliable architecture.

ATM Monitoring & Control System

Discover Innova ATM Monitoring & Control System for uninterrupted ATM services at the optimum cost. Monitor and manage your ATMs’ environment instantly. Always be in control of your distributed ATM network remotely.

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Smart Stores

Did your last marketing campaign create the desired effect on your store traffic? How much of your store traffic is turning into sales? Do you have the planned staff to serve your customers? Is your store getting recognized?

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Smart Cities

Urbanization creates the need for safer, greener, more efficient and more liveable cities. Cities must empower their citiziens, visitors and city employees. SkywaveIoT not only enables Smart City applications come real but also increases their effectiveness and value by meshing them up.

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What is SkywaveIoT?

SkywaveIoT is a platform with a flexible, reliable and secure architecture to connect your devices to the cloud for any of your IoT applications. New IoT applications for various areas are already being developed leveraging SkywaveIoT platform. SkywaveIoT will accelerate all the things in your personal and business life become smarter, intelligent and more connected.


SkywaveIoT is built using the latest technologies to enable connection of any device over any network. SkywaveIoT is asymmetrically scalable to offset load of all kind of IoT applications whether they are device, data or actuation oriented. You will benefit from in-built big data capabilities and end-to-end security of the platform. SkywaveIoT is offered through Innova’s public cloud but you can choose dedicated installations on the cloud or on-premise installations in your data center.

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Advanced Features for ATM Monitoring & Control

Smart Stores

Smart Cities

With Innova’s unique Integrated Smart City Management solution, cities can glean data streams from sensors around the city and turn it into valued information and actions. Our ultimate goal is to make cities safer, greener, more efficient and more liveable.

  • Integrated Smart City Modules
  • Smart City Management Portal
  • Integrated Operations Control Center
  • Operations Management Portal
  • Citizen Portal
  • Integrated Solutions
  • Smart Metering
  • Smart Remote Irrigation
  • Smart Ambient Conditions
  • Smart Waste Management
  • Smart Video Surveillance
  • Smart Traffic Control System
  • Smart Bus Stop
  • Smart Intersection
  • Smart City Lighting
  • Smart Carpark

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