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System Management and
Managed Services

No need for technology infrastructure investments: Innova’s solutions and expertise are always at your service.

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Innova’s high-quality services help enterprises to respond quickly to growing IT needs. Many companies are finding an increasing need for third party services, as IT processes now require wide-ranging expertise. This approach has been shown to reduce costs and increase the quality of internal IT systems.

Innova System Management and Managed Services (cloud-based) achieve much more productive and lower cost operations by streamlining and accelerating operational processes. With service agreements offering anything up to 24/7 service, Innova can ensure your IT processes are operating to perfection and risks are minimised, offering a profitable all-around solution for any company.

Easier migration processes

Database Management Services offer significantly better performance and more secure databases compared to more traditional methods of managing data. Database services give enterprises an important advantage, since they offer the most secure way to store data and ensure that it can be accessed as fast as possible. Innova’s certified experts can assist enterprises by playing an active role in migrating between the old and new database solutions, assisting companies in every way.

Database and application server support, patch applications, backup strategies, database restore and rescue, performance analysis, and upgrades: all these aspects of your data management systems require significant expertise. Innova's database management team is made up of database experts and system managers who can provide you with the high-quality, effective professional services that you need.

High availability

The infrastructure providing the operational power required to run applications is a vital aspect of business continuity. Yet alongside high performance and productivity, it is equally important for enterprises to have access to a powerful support service after the project is delivered. In order to guarantee continuous data access, Innova places high availability, regular backup, performance and security to the forefront.

One address for all security needs

Security management, identity management, network and server management. Innova manages everything from detecting and blocking unauthorised entry; installing, monitoring and reporting on security processes; and removing possible security exploits from applications. With its IT Security Consultancy Service, Innova also helps enterprises to create strategies that meet their security needs.

Flawless virtualization

Virtualization solutions enable several applications to run side by side in secure sandboxes running on the same hardware, ensuring that your hardware investments remain as productive as possible.

Managed IT (cloud-based) is an approach that brings higher quality tools that not only reduce costs but also spread risks, making your information and data handling more business focused and creative. By bringing great IT infrastructure together with human resources, enterprises gain the benefit of an extremely agile structure. As part of Innova’s commitment to helping its clients’ IT staff to master new applications, the process is supported by helpdesk services and offers 24/7 monitoring, maintenance and technical support.


  • Professional management of IT operations
  • Ability to carry necessary operations to the cloud (cloud-based operations)
  • Guaranteed continuity
  • Increased quality and lower costs
  • Continuous access to services with accelerated business processes
  • Enables IT teams to implement a more business focused structure


  • Database Maintenance and Support
  • Database Backup and Recovery
  • Database Performance Management
  • Database Vendor Management
  • Local Area Network Management
  • Wide Area Network Management
  • Security Management
  • Active Directory Management
  • Exchange Management
  • Server Management
  • Server Backup Management
  • Server Restore Management
  • Server Performance Management
  • Server Vendor Management
  • Security Management
  • Virtualization Management
  • Rental Hardware Services

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Database Management Services

Innova’s biggest contribution to database management is the active role played by its certified experts during the migration between two database solutions. With Innova's assistance your data is safe and you gain a better performing and more secure database.

Database Backup and Recovery

The Innova solution provides management for on and offsite data storage and other related database backup devices. It includes full or partial restoration of databases and the applications that make use of them.

Database Performance Management

The Database Performance Management service keeps the database environment permanently ready for high-quality accessibility and to provide the capacity to meet needs.

Database Vendor Management

This service is designed to assist with the management of relationships with manufacturers of database products if and when a problem arises.

Database Maintenance and Support

Providing the maintenance and support for the client’s database and related data components. Depending on the terms of the Service Level Agreement, this can include patch and upgrade management services and the responsibility for replacing database related assets.

Innova’s Managed Services solutions offer the following:
  • Application of database and application patches
  • Application version upgrades
  • Monitoring performance and troubleshooting
  • Planning, applying and monitoring of backup and restore scenarios
  • Providing security
  • Managing the installation of new disks
  • Planning of storage capacity
  • Identifying hardware needs
  • Cloning
  • 24/7 support

Server Support and Management Services

Enterprises need high levels of performance and productivity from their IT infrastructure, but it is arguably just as important that this is backed up by robust services. Innova puts great emphasis on high availability, reliable backup, stable performance and good security, all of which are vital to ensuring uninterrupted access to vital applications.

Server Performance Management

Supporting the key aim of ensuring IT services are never interrupted, performance management involves monitoring all server system sources and providing notifications when needed. It also sets server performance thresholds and monitors them automatically. The service includes automatic reporting of server abnormalities, automated service desk notifications and level 1/2/3 notifications.

Server Restore Management

Server Restore Management includes offsite media management and systems to manage linked backup storage software and related devices. It also develops and executes general backup and restore processes and manages them within the framework of overall IT policies and regulations.

Server Backup Management

Server backup management takes overall control of all server hardware and software backups and provides daily backups of the server operating system and file system.

Server Vendor Management

This is offered as a service to help manage relationships with the manufacturers of server products in the event of a problem.

Network Management Services

With this service Innova is in charge of every stage of work relating to basic infrastructure, including connecting company computers and devices to one another and activating wireless data transfer systems. In addition, with the help of Network Access Control, servers are checked for suitability against predefined criteria, which means they join the network in a secure and controlled way.

The aim is to block suspicious access to the company network and reduce overall risk. Also, a safe online connection to company resources is provided through the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPN). The service supports mobile office applications, and offers companies greater time efficiency alongside a safe and secure connection.

Local Area Network Management

Innova's Local Area Network (LAN) Management Services are installed after the design and application stages and include support, daily administration and general management services.

Wide Area Network Management

Wide Area Network (WAN) Management brings together many processes, including network backbone installation and configuration management.

Security Management

Providing support, daily administration and management services for firewall devices, as well as arranging hardware or software based firewall systems designed in consideration with the company’s needs.

Account Management Services

As an enterprise grows, user accounts become hard to control, leading to ID management issues. This service includes many processes to counteract this problem such as ID management, authorisation definitions, user based limitations, user approval, and monitoring authorisations. Innova can also provide Active Directory, LDAP, Oracle Internet Directory and other services.

Virtualization Service

Virtualization solutions enable several applications to run side by side in secure sandboxes running on the same hardware, ensuring that your hardware investments remain as efficient as possible. Innova also offers a service package that includes management and support services for the company’s virtualization system. Innova’s specialists are constantly on hand to provide security, performance, backup and upgrade work for virtual operating systems, ensuring that they are handled more effectively and bringing continuity to these issues.