- SOLUTION: Multimedia Payphanes

- SECTOR: Telecom

Türk Telekom Multimedia Payphones

New-generation multimedia payphones developed by Innova are offering their users a host of new features such as video telephony, SMS, and access to e-government transactions. 

Turk Telekom is one of Europe's top 5 and the world's top 10 fixed line telephone operators. Turk Telekom group provides integrated telecommunication services from PSTN, GSM to wide band internet. Turk Telekom group companies have 17,8 millions of PSTN customers, 5,2 millions of ADSL customers and 11 million GSM customers as the end of 2008. This is the single example in the world which provides fixed telephone, mobile telephone, data and internet services altogether to its customers. Besides, Turk Telekom has over 85 thousand payphones that operates all over the country.


Turk Telekom made a decision to renovate the system of payphones. To carry out this project and develop the new-generation payphones that were needed, Turk Telekom has chosen Kiosk Innova, a leading provider of innovative kiosk solutions, as its partner and supplier. Turkey's new-generation payphones offers its users a host of innovative new features such as video telephony, internet access, e-mail, instant photography, SMS and city life information services. Every kiosk would also serve as a hotspot for WiFi internet access.

Türk Telekom Multimedia Payphones

Multimedia payphones

Kiosk Innova has manufactured Multimedia Payphones after a year of R&D. Among the hardware features are touch screen, instant access function keys, keyboard and pin pad for the secure transaction etc. There will be a thermal printer capable of printing out receipts for transactions that are paid for by credit card.


Users are also able to store copies of e-mails and other material that they download from the internet to their own storage devices by the help of media card readers and USB ports.


An important consideration in the design and manufacture of the multimedia payphones are that the units will have to be used in outdoor environments in each city and all over Turkey. In a country where ambient temperatures range between -30° to 35° C, Kiosk Innova Multimedia Payphones are built with a climate control feature. In addition, the advanced-featured telephone software is also developed by Kiosk Innova. This software has been designed to work seamlessly in conjunction and integrated with Turk Telekom's existing infrastructure. Kiosk Innova Multimedia Payphones are also connected to the Turk Telekom's infrastructure and they can be managed remotely in real time thanks to the system's central management software which is also developed by Kiosk Innova.


Kiosk Innova Multimedia Payphones will be implemented all around Turkey in year 2009 and Kiosk Innova Multimedia Phones will be the new innovation and technology center for Turkish Citizens ready to serve in every corner in every street. The project is planned to be one of the world's biggest kiosk projects ever done so far.