- SOLUTION: Microsoft SharePoint Portal

- SECTOR: Telecom

“Thanks to this portal, information is shared between employees in a standardised way. Employee loyalty has been increased and there has been a great rise in paperless work processes. This project has transformed the way we manage and store corporate information and is therefore of great importance to us.”

Aydın Satıcı 
Information Technologies Director,
Türk Telekom.

Türk Telekom Intranet Portal

Turkey's largest ever intranet portal, created with the Microsoft Sharepoint Server platform.

Türk Telekom, Turkey’s leading communications and convergence technologies provider, operates in 81 countries and has nearly 30,000 employees. Considering the size of the company, it is vital to its efficiency that critical data from different units can be quickly turned into information that employees can access as practically as possible.


That being the case, the company needed a Corporate Information Platform that the whole Türk Telekom family could use. And so, in 2007, Türk Telekom’s HR and Data Processing Departments decided to build one of the biggest intranet portals in Turkey.  


The project was handed over to Innova because it employed the most experienced team of portal application developers in Turkey. Together, Innova and Türk Telekom discussed all the available portal options before deciding to use Microsoft SharePoint.


The project became the Türk Telekom Intranet portal and, apart from taking care of internal communications issues, it added many other functions to give employees quick and easy access to the information they required to create an effective working environment.

Türk Telekom Intranet Portal

Integration feature

The portal has an advanced integration feature. Company employees can use it to see their payslips and start procedures to claim expenses, book annual leave or request pay in advance. Employees can also log their computer problems on the portal and track the status of their enquiry while a solution is being sought.


Online Training

The internal communication system helps fosters a sense of belonging between Türk Telekom employees. Aside from improving internal communication and making it easier to share information, the portal is also used for online training, which has a much higher participation level than training that requires physical attendance.