- SOLUTION: Smart Home

- SECTOR: Telecom

TTNET Smart Home and Office Project: LiveSmart

Innova was choosen as the systems integrator for TTNET's LiveSmart home and office automation solution, which allows users to manage their home and office heating, security and lighting systems remotely.

TTNET is Turkey’s leading internet service provider, serving millions of customers with their broadband infrastructure and mobile communication networks. It has now launched a new high value service, LiveSmart, a smart solution designed to automate homes and offices.


With LiveSmart, users can now monitor the safety of their homes and offices in realtime, using a PC, tablet or smartphone.


The system makes it possible to make recordings and issue alerts in the event of break-ins, fires or flooding, and allows users to switch lights and other electrical devices on or off remotely.

TTNET Smart Home and Office Project: LiveSmart

LiveSmart users can easily access their smart home or office management portal through a web browser or iOS and Android applications on their smartphones and tablets


The development of the infrastructure that underpins the LiveSmart home and office automation project, which included device selection, application development and all necessary integration processes, has been managed entirely by Innova. The process began with a careful study and selection of hardware devices, including IP security cameras (IP camera), alarm devices, as well as motion, smoke, heat and water sensors, all of which form a strong foundation for an effective smart home or office system. After this, Innova built a secure centralised cloud platform which stores user information and manages devices. Finally, the company developed an online portal as well as mobile applications enabling users to monitor their homes and offices 24/7.


Olgay Taş, TTNET’s Director of Service Development, believes that the importance of the LiveSmart project cannot be underestimated: “TTNET is not only an internet service provider, it is a technology producer that aims to make people’s lives easier. TTNET’s mission is to become a key player in digital life and give direction to the ongoing digital transformation. This project represents a strong entry into the smart home and office market and is a key part of our strategy.”


“We chose Innova to provide systems integration support for this project. Innova worked with all the other subcontracted device manufacturers and was responsible for the system’s deployment from end to end. It acted as a bridge between TTNET and the other subcontractors and coordinated the development of the cloud solution and its integration with the most advanced technologies and best possible smartphone applications.”