- SOLUTION: HP Service Virtualization

- SECTOR: Telecom


“With the collaboration of HP Professional Services, HP R&D and Innova, we installed and implemented HP Service Visualization for TTNET in a very short space of time”

Hasan Yükselten
TTNET Test and Release Manager

TTNET Service Virtualization Project

TTNET, the largest Internet service provider in Turkey, completed the HP Service Virtualization project with assistance from Innova. It now enjoys a much faster testing capability.

TTNET is proud to be the first company to use HP Service Virtualization software in the EMEA region. Thanks to this project, implemented with Innova’s assistance, TTNET’s testing processes are now 25 per cent faster and serve as an example to many other large companies.


TTNET was established in 2006 and, with six million subscribers, is one of the ten largest Internet providers in the world. It is now also known as a front-runner in digital transformation. The company places great emphasis on test management in order to offer reliable new generation services to its customers more quickly.

TTNET Service Virtualization Project

In order to perfect its testing processes, TTNET chose the HP Service Virtualization product, part of the HP Testing solutions family. Also, because of Innova’s significant experience in the field, it selected its consultancy services.  HP Service Virtualization reduces expenses and waiting time caused by the need to access third party applications and achieves significantly lower costs and speed benefits in testing. Hasan Yükselten, TTNET’s Test and Release Manager, said: “While trying to offer new products to your customers and give them better service you can’t compromise on speed or quality. We saw that with this software infrastructure built by HP we can perform our tests around the clock.”


Faster and more predictable testing

By implementing HP Service Virtualization under Innova’s guidance TTNET reduced its costs significantly by eliminating the problems that prolonged test processes. According to Yükselten: “We used to experience testing delays when there were problems with the integrated platforms from which we needed data or when we couldn’t access these platforms due to upgrading. HP Service Virtualization now acts as a bridge between our system and the third party applications. This facilitates swifter and more predictable testing. As a result we have faster release cycles for our campaigns and services.” 


Implemented in just six weeks

Yükselten highlighted the fact that, with the collaboration of HP Professional Services, HP R&D and Innova, HP Service Vizualisation was ready to respond to TTNET’s requirements in only six weeks, which included the product’s trial period. HP Software Account Manager Berna Ağar said that they had been pleased to work with the first user of HP’s Virtualization product in the EMEA region and noted that the project’s success had attracted attention from other large companies in the region.


International recognition

According to Yükselten the success of the project was partly due to two of HP Service Visualization’s main features, namely its easy implementation and high flexibility. He said that many companies in the EMEA region had contacted him to learn more about the project.