- SOLUTION: MS Office SharePoint Server 2007

- SECTOR: Telecom

Thanks to this portal, music copyright owners would continue to be compensated when users listened to a piece online or downloaded it to their own computers.

TTNET Music Portal

TTNET's millons of subscribers can take advantage of the TTNET MUSIC portal not just to listen to an outstanding collection of more than a hundred thousand songs but also to download the music to their own computers as well.

With the spread of the internet, music piracy has become a serious problem all over the world and in this respect Turkey is no exception. Websites hosting pirated music caused artists and publishers huge losses and there were significant declines in album sales. As Turkey's biggest internet service provider, TTNET felt called upon to deal with this problem. Its solution was to enter into agreements with music producers' associations in order to create an internet portal that would permit its users to listen to whatever music they wanted lawfully and without having to pay anything.

TTNET Music Portal

That done, now it was necessary to create a trouble-free portal that millions of subscribers would be able to use to listen to songs and download them from this gigantic archive… And that was when Innova's deep knowledge and experience with internet portals came into play.


Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

As a result of discussions between Innova and TTNET it was decided that the best solution was to construct the music portal on a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 platform. There were two important reasons for this decision. The first was cost considerations and the second was limited time constraints.


Designing an IT architecture

Creating from scratch an internet portal through which millions of people would be able to listen to a gigantic archive of 100 thousand songs would have meant authoring the biggest music portal ever undertaken in Turkey. Given that each one of the songs was at least 3 megabyte in size, dealing with the technical aspects of the portal was a matter of vital concern.


The most extensive digital music archive in Turkey


Each song had to be indexed according to dozen or so criteria such as artist name, album name, album cover art, production year, genre, and so on. Considerable time also had to be spent on addressing the search infrastructure and navigation system so that users would be able to easily find what they were looking for in such a vast archive. One of the first decisions made was that TTNET subscribers should use their own TTNET e-mail account ID information to access the website rather than create a new account solely for that purpose. Once a user's ID had been authenticated by the TTNET mail server, the other information about him could be plucked from the TTNET CRM (Customer Relationship Management) data base. Various limits, such as the number of songs that could be downloaded in a month, also had to be imposed on use depending on a subscriber's rate schedule.


Latest music world news

Another concern was that TTNET subscribers should be given access to the latest music world news while listening to music online. Ajax programming techniques were employed so that the website's text could be easily read without having to reload a page when creating playlists.


After creating playlists of the pieces they want to listen to on TTNET MUSIC, users can share them by sending them to their friends if they want. Each song can be voted on by users and the results of this poll are used to create "most popular" charts that are shown on the website's home page. Other content on the portal's pages can be updated instantaneously by TTNET MUSIC editors as circumstances require.